“In simple terms, a domain name is your website’s address on the internet — and it’s a critical part of your business.

If you have a website, you have a domain name, but… you don’t own it. You license your domain name annually from a registrar, e.g., Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc. That means you have to renew the domain name every year, or else you’ll lose it.

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Benefits of Deliverypath’s Domain Management Service

Cost Savings – At Deliverypath, we don’t upsell customers on unnecessary expenses. We save you money by only giving you exactly what you need.

Protection & Privacy – When we manage your domain name, we set it up so your contact information is shielded from the public. That means, scammers won’t take advantage of you. Don’t just trust us, check for yourself – https://dnsquery.org/whois/

Security & Peace of Mind – Our entire business is built on hosting and securing our client’s websites – and that includes your domain name. Our dedicated staff and automated back-up systems ensure a smooth renewal process. 

Predictable Billing – We bill monthly, so your yearly renewal expense is spread evenly throughout the entire year. No more surprise bills or bulk renewal costs!

What are the risks if you manage it yourself?

You Get Swindled – Some registrars, like godaddy.com, are notorious for misleading you into buying additional products that you don’t need during the yearly renewal. It costs more to work with them because of this.

You Get Scammed – Dishonest companies send you email and snail mail scams with “urgent” renewal offers. Customers often lose money on this because the offers look legitimate – but aren’t.

You Can Permanently Lose Your Domain – If you forget to renew your company’s domain name, you lose possession of it. There is an entire industry of scammers who purchase domain names as soon as they expire and then hold them for “legal” ransom. It can be very expensive (and sometimes impossible) to buy back your domain name. Imagine what this would do to your business!

Your Monthly Billing is Unpredictable – Most registrars charge yearly which means you have one bulk payment every time you have to renew. If your company owns more than one domain (some own 100’s), that creates an uneven monthly budget cycle for your business.

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What happens if you forget to renew your domain name?

Your website becomes totally inaccessible (to you and your customers) and your email stops working.

Flexible Plans Built for How You Do Business

With Deliverypath, one size doesn’t fit all. We partner with you to help you be more successful. Let us bill your customers directly, white label our service as your own or do a little of both. We can accommodate your business model to save you time and help you increase your revenue and brand reputation.