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Plans and Pricing

Our WordPress hosting service exceeds customer expectations. Compared to our competitors, the choice is clear.

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  • Free Uptime Monitoring
  • Free Daily Code Backup
  • Free Daily Database Backup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Plugin Updates
  • Free Core Updates
  • Free Malware Removal
  • Free Migration Services
  • Free Domain Name Anonymity
  • Free 120-day Backup Storage
  • Free Backup Restoration Service
  • Free CloudFlare
  • Free Weekly Security Analysis
  • Free Weekly performance analysis
  • Free DNS Zone Management
  • Free Registrar Management
  • Free Google Analytics Setup
  • Easy Access for Quick Advice
  • Experienced WordPress Specialists
  • Direct access to site technician
  • Flexible Contract
  • cPanel Technology
  • Support Ticket Subsystem
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$75 / month
  • Summary
WP Engine
$249 / month
  • Summary
$120 / month
  • Summary
$15 / month
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Plans and Pricing

Our WordPress hosting service is $75/m and exceeds customer expectations. Compared to our competitors, the choice is clear.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“deliverypath helped us navigate difficult technology decisions for our long term plan and has consistently provided quality development and hosting.”

James Dabbs

IT Director, PSL Source

“deliverpath is a local, small business with people I can see and meet with – not a faceless mega dot com.”

Guillermo Villar

Owner, Cambio Coach

“deliverypath is a service organization, super responsive and technically savvy. I feel confident that when I refer my clients to them, they are in good hands.”

Joe Haubenhoffer

Owner, The Plaid Penguin

“Working with deliverypath means having a true partner in your project, equally invested in your success.”

Kelly Koeppel

Owner, K2forma

“deliverpath is my trusted team to keep my website up and running efficiently. I could not be more satisfied with their professionalism and responsiveness.”

David Hamme

Author, davidhamme.com

“I love working with deliverypath because they are a local, full service shop that handles everything I need in a single call.”

Alesha Sin Vanata

Owner, Littlespoon Eatery, Comida

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSL and why do we need it?

Adrienne Craighead and Benjamin Wilson speak about SSL and why it’s important to have it on your website, even if you don’t do any e-commerce.

The philosophy is to encrypt all your information whenever you can by default, not because you have information that might need to be secure, but because others might use your unencrypted data in ways you do not approve. If you want SSL on your WordPress website and your current host either doesn’t do it or wants to charge you for it, please contact us.

If you want to buy your own certificate, we have used RapidSSL with success in the past, but if you contact us, we can beat their price!

What is DNS?

Due to many recent conversations about domain name renewals, transfers and registrations for friends and clients, I think this video might prove helpful. DNS can be both terribly confusing and frustrating but it’s absolutely necessary with any website or email related project. Managing it poorly or avoiding management tasks with your domain can result in your website going down or worse yet, losing your website to a scammer or squatter who might attempt to sell it back to you at 100x the normal price.

As referenced in this video, we recommend both EasyDNS and CloudFlare.

What the difference between Apache and Nginx?

Ben speaks about the differences between Nginx and Apache web server software. It doesn’t get too technical but brings clarity to understanding why your web hosting company chose one over the other for your website or project. At deliverypath, we use and have extensive experience with both.

Can someone really host a website on a residential internet connection?

Together Ben and Adrienne discuss the complex tasks required to host your website on your home internet connection. We cover networking, hardware requirements and other considerations. This video illustrates that it’s only recommended for educational purposes.

In the video we mention a small computer called a Raspberry Pi. It is used for educational development and small projects. You can learn more about them here.

How do I remove junk website pages from Google?

In this video, we have a website that had been recently hacked and the hacked pages were indexed by Google. How do we get the junk pages from this WordPress site removed from Google.com so customers don’t lose confidence in the potential vendor and not lose ranking status in Google? By using the Webmaster Tools, we can request Google to remove individual URL’s linking to the site. This video shows off the step by step process. Be patient and take your time.

I should also mention this doesn’t fix the hacked code on your WordPress site, you still need to remove any foreign code that has been inserted into your site. It makes no sense to remove URL’s from Google until you have fixed your site. If you don’t know how to do this and need help, please reach out to us and we can help you. Additionally, consider the hosting environment of the website; if your hosting provider isn’t keeping your website secure, it might me worth your time and money to call us for better website hosting. (Yes, we are pointing our finger at you, Godaddy.)

The value of a good backup plan for WordPress

If you use WordPress, this can be complicated or very simple. We discuss the details of what to backup and what qualifies as a good backup. We discuss the value of testing your backup and the peace of mind from paying a vendor to handle the whole thing for you, with your specific needs in mind. If you have a WordPress site and don’t have time to get into the backup ‘weeds’, please contact us for a quote.

Why should I bother using Akismet?

Ben and Adrienne discuss using the plugin, Akisment, in WordPress. They go over it’s functionality and why every WordPress install should be running it. If you don’t have Akismet or need help getting it installed on your WordPress site, please contact us!

Why you should use a password manager?

In this 10 minute video, Ben explains the difference between convenient passwords and secure password management. He explains the history and how you can move forward with a better plan to manage your online presence.

How do I prevent SEO spam?

Ben Wilson and Adrienne Craighead with TorchBearer discuss the problem of pesky SEO referrer spam.

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