Why Outsource to Deliverypath?

One of the most valuable services you can provide your clients is WordPress hosting for their sites, but it requires ongoing maintenance to keep it stable, secure, fast, and up to date. Not many creative agencies and design shops have the capacity or expertise to do all that needs to be done regularly across all of their clients – at least not without eating up precious time and resources.

That’s where Deliverypath comes in.

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You can outsource all of the regular WordPress site maintenance and fixes to us. It’s all we do, and we’re damned good at doing it. In fact, website hosting for sites of all sizes has been our focus since 1995, so there’s nothing we haven’t seen or can’t fix.

What does that mean for you?

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Peace of Mind

You’ll never have to worry about a client’s site going down, missing a critical update or security feature, or breaking something. We stay on top of all the to-dos and troubleshooting so you can rest easy and keep your customers happy.

Lower Costs

Why add headcount when you can pay Deliverypath just $99/month per domain with no add-on costs to get a single expert resource to take care of all of your client sites? Our fee is the same or less than how you likely charge by the hour. 

More Time and Revenue

When you don’t have to manage client sites, you get more time back in your day to grow your client base and profitability. We also offer a managed, white-label solution that makes you look great and can give you a new revenue stream.

Broader Client Services

Don’t stop at creating your clients’ sites. Expand your services by offering comprehensive site maintenance, upgrades, and fixes. Your customers won’t have to go elsewhere, so you can keep that money in-house and build your brand.

Faster Resolution

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing to Deliverypath is our ability to quickly identify and resolve issues. Our responsiveness means you don’t have to stress out but feel confident you can deliver superior customer service.

Predictable Billing

We bill monthly, so your yearly renewal expense is spread evenly throughout the year. No more surprise bills or extra fees to fix overlooked problems. Want us to bill your clients directly? We can do that or bill you. 

Transparent Invoices

With Deliverypath, you get one invoice with a single line item for each domain URL. Using QuickBooks, you can look at your monthly invoice to see exactly what you’re paying for on each domain.

Unmatched Support

You won’t find a more experienced WordPress website hosting services provider in the industry. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been hosting websites. And because we’re small, we can offer highly personalized, responsive human support.

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Ready to get started?

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