Labs: Our R&D Projects

As owners of Deliverypath, we are entrepreneurs at heart. We invest in new ideas and are always innovating. Ideas may never evolve beyond the concept phase or they might turn out to make the world a better place. Either way, we take what we learned from another concept and get smarter, more efficient, or hone our practices as we go.

We continually work on new technology concepts and business models that can create value for Deliverypath customers. Sometimes, these ideas have nothing to do with Deliverypath or our customers; we fund them because we believe in them and what they can do for others. Other times, ideas spawn completely new companies or a Deliverypath product. This creates revenue, jobs, infrastructure and excitement. This philosophy is what drives Deliverypath Labs.

Here are some of the few projects we’ve been a part of:

An illustration of a woman pointing into the air. She is sitting in front of a laptop with the Deliverypath logo on it, and she has a coffee nearby.
The Clevver logo is displayed.


Clevver is a permanent data archival system. To make data storage permanent, the content is stored on a public, globally accessible, and eco-friendly blockchain. For personal use, Clevver is accessible at, and for corporate customers, a lightweight application is available for bulk archiving of data.

Designers use the Clevver desktop app to store the art files associated with NFT projects. Clevver mitigates the risk of loss, so now NFTs can be collateralized in second-tier contracts, earning the NFT owner new forms of income. Clevver leverages the Logware API.

The Logware logo is displayed.


Logware is a blockchain-as-a-service provider, providing its API to software developers who quickly implement blockchain solutions for their organizations. Logware’s mission is to make permanent, immutable data storage accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

Deliverypath uses Logware to store and secure highly sensitive customer data. By leveraging the Logware API, data stored for Deliverypath customers cannot be lost or accidentally deleted. Logware is also used by corporate customers as a data loss protection layer with their technology stack, ensuring a quality of service to their customers that is resistant to censorship, hacking, crypto lockers, and more.

To extend the possibility of storing data forever, Clevver was created to use the Logware API so others can safely archive their own business or personal data.

The Lynx logo is displayed.


Lynx is an eco-friendly blockchain project that was created in 2013. This global, public blockchain has found focus on energy-efficient data storage.

Unlike other well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that spend billions of dollars annually on energy costs to sustain themselves, Lynx requires less than $2,500 per year in total energy to maintain itself. Lynx is cryptocurrency without climate change. The Logware API is built on the energy-efficient blockchain Lynx.