“Your website is the backbone of your online presence — and it’s a critical part of your business.

Creative agencies have customers whose WordPress websites need active management. A WordPress website that the business owner or creative agency doesn’t actively govern runs slowly and eventually gets hacked. WordPress websites that are not regularly updated can present critical security issues for the website owner.

What happens if you don’t actively manage your WordPress website?

Your website can become inaccessible (to you and your customers), you could lose data, hard-earned search engine placement, or worse, your customers could lose confidence in you and your business.

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What are the risks if you manage it yourself?

You Waste Time – From simple to complex tasks, you might find yourself struggling to install the SSL certificate, ensure Themes and Plugins are adequately updated, resolve caching issues, properly configure backups, and more.

You Break It – If you don’t know what you are doing, you might not get the results you want. The chances are good that you will break something, expose a security hole or slow down your site unintentionally. After breaking your site is never a good time to find out your backups aren’t working correctly.

You Fail to Keep it Secure – WordPress is great, but bad actors want to access your site. They want to post spam, they want to share hidden files and viruses from your site, and they want to extort you for ransom to regain control of your site. So don’t find your website in some news headline about ransom attacks.

It Costs You Money – For the time you spent trying to figure out all of the above and resolve issues not mentioned, don’t you think that is time better spent getting down to business? It’s cheaper long-term to pay Deliverypath to manage your website before problems arise proactively.

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Benefits of Deliverypath’s Hosting Service

Cost Savings – The engineers at Deliverypath have over a decade of WordPress experience. Your agency saves money by paying an experienced professional to get it right the first time.

Security & Peace of Mind – Our entire business was built on hosting and securing our client’s websites – that is all we do. Our dedicated staff and management systems ensure a stable WordPress website.

Protection & Privacy – Keep control of your site and its content. Deliverypath uses Cloudflare to block bad actors from attacking your site. With years of experience and custom firewall rules, we keep your WordPress sites secure.

Predictable Billing – We bill monthly, so your yearly renewal expense is spread evenly throughout the year—no more surprise bills or extra fees to fix overlooked problems.

Deliverypath secures, optimizes, and hosts your website.

The monthly fee includes these comprehensive hosting services.

  • Daily scans and fixes for malware and viruses.
  • Daily scans and fixes for corrupt files and unauthorized users.
  • Daily updates of plugins, themes, and core WordPress files.
  • Daily backups of your website and database. Daily backups get stored for 30 days. That way, if you accidentally change anything and want to revert to the previous version, we can do that for you. Restoring a backup is quick and involves no fee.
  • Weekly manual monitoring. A Deliverypath technician manually logs into your website and performs upgrades to your plugins, themes, and WordPress core files every week.
  • Weekly management of your included Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF). A Deliverypath technician manages caching tools and security blocks to ensure an optimal user experience for legitimate users.
  • Weekly and Monthly manual server security and network security upgrades; our technicians manually review your site, and execute security tests.
  • Weekly and Monthly manual optimization upgrades. Our technicians manually check your site and conduct performance tests. If the website is slow and a quick resolution is available, Deliverypath will fix it. Out-of-scope optimization issues are billed extra, with prior approval, and conducted by one of our internal WordPress specialists.
  • Weekly and Monthly account management. Our technicians keep extensive notes about the health and history of your website over time.
  • Quarterly renewal of your SSL certificate comes with each website. The SSL certificate encrypts information between your web browser and the server, so when anyone submits information, it’s kept private.
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Flexible Plans Built for How You Do Business

With Deliverypath, one size doesn’t fit all. We partner with you to help you be more successful. Let us bill your customers directly, white label our service as your own or do a little of both. We can accommodate your business model to save you time and help you increase your revenue and brand reputation.